News Update

Sat, 2014-04-19

"Our northern Canadian territories often get written off by most of us province-dwelling folk as a frigid tundra of nothingness. But it's probably about time us southerners start paying attention to the situation up north. Yellowknife, is currently sitting on 237,000 tonnes of arsenic, enough to kill the entire human population of our planet a few times over." Article by Meghan Pearson.

Tue, 2014-04-15

Yet another letter to the WB and IADB concerning the on-going violations and suffering of the surviving victims of the Chixoy Dam/Rio Negro massacres.  Please email or mail your own letter to the WB and IDB (address info below).  Thank-you.

Sun, 2014-04-13

Letter to Hudbay Minerals and CGN Concerning More Pressures and Harassment Related to "Hudbay Minerals" Lawsuits in Canada and Related Criminal Trial in Guatemala

Sun, 2014-04-13

Radio Progreso has reported that Carlos Meija, a member of its staff, was murdered last night in El Progreso, Honduras.  In 2009, Carlos had received precautionary measures from the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights due to threats that he had received.

Wed, 2014-04-09

Peaceful resistance continues, in Honduras, to the imposition of "economic development" projects, in the face of on-going repression by the military-back regime that is supported by U.S. and Canadian governments.

Sat, 2014-04-05

This year to date, we have channeled your donations and grants to partner community organizations, mainly in Honduras and Guatemala, that are documenting and resisting environmental harms and human rights violations.

Sat, 2014-04-05

Honduras - Indigenous Tolupan land defenders from the San Francisco de Locomapa tribe have once again been the targets of threats, despite precautionary measures issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Urgent Action

Please contact your senators and members of congress to pressure them to demand that the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank comply with the 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Bill and ensure implementation of the Chixoy Dam Reparations Plan.


Este documental, de Frauke Sandig y Enrico Black, acompaña a seis jóvenes maya en su vida cotidiana, sus ceremonias y su resistencia frente a los peligros que acechan a su cultura y su entorno. Narra sus historias que no sólo son personales y entrañables, sino que constantemente se sumergen en temas universales.


Fri, 2013-10-04
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Over 185 days have passed in which the Lenca indigenous communities of the Rio Blanco region of Intibuca, Honduras have blocked an access road built into the intended construction site for the Agua Zarca hydroelectric dam on the Gualcarque River. Desarrollos Energeticos, SA (DESA), plans to build the dam, and is pushing the project through with violence and intimidation, while attempting to criminalize land rights defenders with baseless charges.