Truth Commissions

Wed, 2011-08-24

A letter sent to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture calling for an investigation into the role that Guatemalan presidential candidate ex-General Otto Perez Molina played in the commission of genocide, torture and disappearances in Guatemala during the worst years of State repression and terrorism in the 1980s.

Tue, 2011-03-29

Miriam Miranda was intentionally fired at with a tear-gas canister, and then singled out and illegally detained, March 28, 2011, in Triunfo de la Cruz, a Garifuna village, North-coast of Honduras. After being denied medical attention for hours, the regime authorities finally, under great national and international human rights pressure, finally took Miriam Miranda to a hospital, under regime custody.

Wed, 2011-03-23

Dozens of people beaten, gassed, illegally detained.  This follows on 5 days of brutal repression against Honduran teachers and the Pro-Democracy movement, including the killing of 59 year-old teacher Ilse Velasquez