Chixoy Dam

Wed, 2014-05-21

From May 12-25, Professor Catherine Nolin (University Northern British Colombia, Geography Department) and Grahame Russell (Rights Action) are leading an educational, solidarity-building road trip in Guatemala, visiting communities that have suffered State repression (including genocide) in the past, that are suffering on-going repression today while resisting violent displacement and environmental harms caused by global mining companies, hydro-electric dam projects, African palm and sugar cane production, coffee for export, maquiladora sweat-shops.

Tue, 2012-12-11

GUATEMALA'S CHIXOY DAM: where development and terror intersect, a report by Nick Dearden, Jubilee Debt Campaign, in The Guardian.

Sun, 2012-02-05

A letter sent to the IACHR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights), along with a Petition concerning the illegal forced evictions, massacres and other human rights violations of 32 Mayan communities (over 3000 people) caused by the Chixoy Hydro-electric Dam, a "development" project of the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank in partnership with successive military regimes (1975-1985)