Activism Get Involved

Activism Get Involved

Wed, 2015-04-29

Rights Action seeks funding for the Mayan Qeqchi [Kek-Chi] communities we have long supported and worked with in El Estor, Guatemala, on the north side of Lake Izabal.

Thu, 2015-01-22

Sign-On Letter concerning about assassination ff Juan Francisco Martinez, Lenca Indigenous Community & Environmental Defender in Honduras.

Wed, 2014-12-24

Article by By John Gibler, and Fund-Raising For Family Members of 43 Disappeared Students: Rights Action sent an initial $1,200 to the family members.  To support the emergency needs of the Ayotzinapa students and the family members of the disappeared ~ see below.  Year-end Matching Donor: An anonymous donor will match tax-deductible donations, to a total of $25,000, in Canada and the USA, until December 31, 2014

Sun, 2014-11-23

The governments of the United States and Canada, and much of the media, refuse to fully acknowledge what is going on in Mexico.  Our countries are the biggest economic, political and military partners of the Mexican 'Narco-State'.

Wed, 2014-10-22

On September 26, 2014, police in Iguala, Guerrero killed six people and detained 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural School, who have since been disappeared.  Numerous mass graves have since been found outside of Iguala, but they are not believed to contain the bodies of the missing students.  The search for the disappeared young men continues, led by family members and local organizations.