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Wed, 2013-06-05

A resurgence of death squad activity targeting suspected gang members and others is exacting a mounting toll in Honduras, a country already wracked by violence and impunity. As documented in a series of AP investigative reports, it is increasingly apparent that US-funded Honduran National Police are dispatching summary justice to gang members, in a policy of "social cleansing", with complete impunity.

Sun, 2013-05-19
  •  NYT article: "Trial On Guatemalan Civil War Carnage Leaves Out U.S. Role"
  •  Commentary: "Follow Guatemala's Lead: Convene A Genocide Case Grand Jury"
  • NYT article: "Victory In Guatemala? Not Yet"
Mon, 2013-05-13

At 9:30pm, Saturday May 11, three heavily armed men assassinated Jose Omar Perez Menjivar, the 37 year-old president of the Los Laureles community business, in the Concepcion settlement, that belongs to the Unified Campesino Movement of Aguan (MUCA), as he was returning from his mother-in-law's house, in the company of his wife, in the Laureles neighborhood of Tocoa, Colon .

Sat, 2013-05-11

At 6:45pm, May 10, 2013, Guatemalan general Efrain Rios Montt was found guilty in a Guatemalan court of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced to 80 years in jail.

Mon, 2013-05-06

1.       HONDURAN DEATH SQUAD MURDERS IN AGUAN VALLEY : Reflections On Rights Action Report

2.       SIGN-ON LETTER TO WORLD BANK: World Bank Loans Linked To Murders In Aguan Valley

Fri, 2013-04-26

Jose Antonio Lopez Lara of Rigores was identified as the body found in the exhumation of a clandestine burial site in the Paso Aguan plantation today. The exhumation was performed by two Guatemalan forensic anthropologists [with the FAFG – Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation], and attended by Honduran judicial officials and representatives of COFADEH and campesinos from the area, as well as by local police and military officials.

Thu, 2013-04-25

National and international media gathered in the Committee of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH) office for the announcement of the exhumation of human remains found in the Paso Aguán plantation, in the jurisdiction of Trujillo, Colón.

Mon, 2013-04-22

“Genocidist, Genocidist, Genocidist, …” chanted some 2000 people in the Teatro Nacional in Guatemala City, on the evening of April 18, drowning out a pre-film speech by the Minister of Culture and Sports.  The people had come to watch the world premiere of the documentary film “Gold Fever” at the fourth annual film festival Memoria, Verdad, Justicia.

Sun, 2013-03-31

The June 2009 military coup that ousted the democratically elected government of Honduras brought to power the military-backed regime of President Pepe Lobo that favours the interests of the powerful economic sectors of Honduras ... and the interests of global companies and investors, while using repression against the Honduran people's pro-democracy movement and against members of the newly formed LIBRE political party.

Thu, 2013-03-28

On Al Jazeera, "Inside Story America" talks with Annie Bird (Rights Action) and Alberto Arce about whether the US state department is misleading Congress about possible US funding for Honduran death squads?