Tue, 2012-04-10

The land disputes date back to efforts in the 1960s to entice landless farmers to the fertile region of the Bajo Aguan. The initial agrarian reform laws contained protections intended to ensure that the land remained in the hands of small landowners by limiting the amount of hectares individuals could accumulate. In 1992, the Law for Modernisation of Land gutted many of the protections written into the original agrarian reform efforts, creating pressure on peasant land cooperatives to sell their land to large landowners.

Mon, 2012-03-12

CHIXOY DAM REPARATIONS CAMPAIGN: 30th Anniversary of the March 13, 1982 Rio Negro Massacre, & Still the WB (World Bank) and IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) Have Not Paid Reparations and Compensation

Wed, 2011-11-30

Letter to the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank, responding to a denigrating letter from the World Bank and no response from the Inter-American Development Bank to the on-going demands for justice and reparations