Thu, 2011-12-08

The US is advancing a regional security strategy which apparently is oriented toward the militarization of Central America and the participation of private security contractors in policing, a strategy also being promoted for Central America by the IDB (Inter American Development Bank) and former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.

Wed, 2011-08-24

A letter sent to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture calling for an investigation into the role that Guatemalan presidential candidate ex-General Otto Perez Molina played in the commission of genocide, torture and disappearances in Guatemala during the worst years of State repression and terrorism in the 1980s.

Mon, 2011-03-21

Internationally-funded Guatemalan bio-fuel interests evict Mayan Qeqchi families from their historic lands, destroying homes and crops, killing one, injuring more, thousands are without food or shelter